About Us



Namaste and welcome to the Moksham family !!

‘Moksham’ is a Sanskrit word used in ancient Vedic texts, to signify freedom from the materialistic realm, and liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth. It also signifies freedom from ignorance and achievement of self-realization.

We are an unconventional jewelry brand, committed to make meaningful jewelry, that in its small way, helps the wearer in the process of achievement of self-knowledge. Every piece of jewelry in ‘Moksham’ is handcrafted with purity and good intention. We use only precious and semiprecious gemstones in our jewelry, along with metals like gold and silver. We are inspired by natural living, and the connection that gemstones bring to the earth and the nature around us. We are driven by sustainability, and don’t use animal products (eg. silk or leather), artificial dyes or plastics in our jewelry.

It has been known through the ages, and now proven scientifically, that gemstones have the capacity to store energy. As per Vedas, the energy stored in most gemstones is aligned to the 5 elements, namely Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space. The same energy is also drawn in by the person wearing these gemstones, and it affects the respective element in the person’s physical body. 

Each of our jewelry piece has a meaning to it, and has been made to effect and heal a specific chakra. It doesn't hurt that they are so beautiful and sturdy too. 

We believe that if we can impact your life positively, even in the smallest possible way, we have achieved the purpose of this brand.

Have a great life...