Garnet - Energy Creator


Garnet is one of the oldest crystals known to mankind. It has been around since Vedic times, and has been found in the pyramids of Egypt.  It has been long considered as a gemstone of the royals. 

Garnet is a versatile crystal, but it primarily affects the Root chakra. It helps the wearer deal with issues related to stress and anxiety. It protects against negative energy and bad vibes. It helps the wearer to stay grounded, and as per Chinese medicine, helps unblock the flow of positive energy in the body.

The beautiful deep red color of Garnet makes it an ideal gemstone for all ages. It has long been used as a heirloom gemstone, and is quite a fixture in Victorian jewelry.

All the garnet jewelry in Moksham is made of natural garnets, and is ethically sourced from India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Due to its versatility, garnet is one of out favorite gemstones to work with. All our garnet jewelry has brilliant color, and precision cut. They go with almost all attire, and give the right pop of color in your day to day wardrobe. It a must gemstone for your jewelry collection.

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